Ph.D. Program in Chemical Sciences

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Coordinator: Prof. Filippo De Angelis

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The PhD in Chemical Sciences is activated in the Dipartimento di Chimica Biologia e Biotecnologie and it is recognized by all the members as a key teaching tool for succeeding in the research activities of this Department.

The PhD program is aimed at training new generations of researchers who will be able to play an active role in the future challenges of society related to science and technology. Thanks to a prestigious college of teachers and research laboratories of consolidated international prestige, the PhD student will cultivate their potential in a competitive environment that will allow them to tackle challenging scientific issues and contribute to the excellence in science.

Besides their collaborative research activities, all the PhD students will have the possibility of attending national and international schools, spending periods of study abroad in internationally renowned laboratories and attending conferences where they will be encouraged to present their results in front of a national or international audience.

The national evaluation made by ANVUR has ranked DCBB at the best department in the area of chemical sciences among the mid-size universities. This important recognition opened to a 8.7 million euros financial support for the project AMIS (A Molecular Integrated for a Sustainable Development) for the years 2018-2022.

Therefore since 2018, the PhD students in Chemical Sciences of DCBB, will also have the opportunity to contribute to the research developed within the project AMIS and also work in the excellence laboratories activated within this project.

The research facilities of the DCBB are capable for the high-level training of at least 15 PhD students for each cycle. The Board of Professors of the XXXV cycle is made up of 21 (twenty one) members, mostly belonging to the DCBB, but also to that of Civil and Environmental Engineering and to the CNR-ISTM institute.

The PhD program takes place over three years and is divided into three curricula:

1) Spectroscopy, chemical kinetics and molecular dynamics;

2) Methods and materials for catalysis, energy, the environment and cultural heritage;

3) Theoretical chemistry and computational modelling.

The first Curriculum focuses on the molecular dynamics of elementary processes (reactive and non-reactive), dynamic properties of liquid systems, photophysics, photochemistry, and spectroscopy.

The second Curriculum focuses on advanced synthesis in organic chemistry, green chemistry, eco-sustainable synthetic methodologies, inorganic molecular catalysis, modeling of materials for solar cells, environmental analysis and modelling, materials for the conservation of cultural heritage, inorganic-organic hybrid materials for applications in catalysis, polymeric nano-composites.

The third Curriculum focuses on theoretical chemistry and computational technologies, molecular modeling with the inclusion of Lipidomics, Metabolomics, Quantitative Structure Property Prediction, Pharmaco-kinetics.

With the approved PhD program regulation (see below) the approved training program is organized in 180 CFU (ECTS) and it foresees the attendance during the three-year period of a minimum of 7 courses (3 CFU each, for a total of 21 CFU). All the courses will have the final verification of the knowledge acquired. In addition, due to the intense departmental seminar activities, the PhD course will be encouraged to attend multidisciplinary seminars given by internationally recognized guest of the DCBB. It is mandatory to attend a minimum of 16 seminars (4 CFU, 0.25 CFU per seminar) over the entire PhD course.

Additional CFU will be recognized with the attendance of national and international doctoral schools, the transversal specialization activities offered by the University (linguistic and IT specialization, the activities of enhancing research and intellectual property), participating in conferences and congresses, and spending research periods abroad. Overall, the training activities involve, over the three years, the acquisition of 180 credits, divided according to criteria established by the Board of Professors.

The PhD students will present annual seminars on her/his research and at the end of each year submits a written report to the Board of Professors on the activity carried out and on the results achieved. At the end of the doctoral period, the student will present aa written thesis reporting the results of the research carried out in the three-year period.

The PhD in Chemical Sciences is international  and currently, has two active research agreements; one with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) (Italian contact: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro; Israeli contact: Prof. Dmitri Gelman, Director of the Institute of Chemistry) and another with the Georg-August University of Goettingen (Germany) (Italian contact person: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro; German contact person: Prof. Dr. Lutz Ackermann, Director of the "Institut fuer Organische und Biomolekulare Chemie"). Both agreements provide for the possibility of obtaining the doctoral degree in co-tutorship.

The Doctorate in Chemical Sciences of the University of Perugia has been the official partner of the Consortium ITN-EJD-642294 TCCM (Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling) since the XXXI cycle, which includes the University of Groningen, The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and the Universities of Porto, Paul-Sabatier-Toulouse III, of Valencia, of Barcelona, of the Basque Country, Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), of Pisa, of Vienna, and Autonomous of Madrid.


Regulation of the PhD Program in Chemical Sciences

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A.A. 2022/2023

Offerta Formativa XXXVIII ciclo

Seminari annuali dottorandi XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII e XXXVIII ciclo

PhD students XXXVIII cycle

Meet 38 cycle PhD students

A.A. 2021/2022

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Seminari annuali dottorandi XXXV, XXXVI e XXXVII ciclo

Board of Professor XXXVII cycle

PhD students XXXVII cycle

Meet 37 cycle PhD students

A.A. 2020/2021

Offerta Formativa XXXVI ciclo

Seminari annuali dottorandi XXXIV, XXXV e XXXVI ciclo

Board of Professor XXXVI cycle

PhD students XXXVI cycle

Meet 36 cycle PhD students

A.A. 2019/2020

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Board of Professor XXXV cycle

Course Calendar A.A. 2019-2020

PhD students XXXV cycle

Meet 35 cycle PhD students

A.A. 2018/2019

Offerta Formativa XXXIV ciclo

Seminari annuali dottorandi XXXII e XXXIII ciclo

Course Calendar AA 2018-2019

Course Programs AA 2018-2019

Board of Professor XXXIV cycle

PhD students XXXIV cycle

PhD Defence Schedule:

PhD Candidates Filippo Campana, Daniele Sciosci
PhD Candidates Lucia Cesarini, Paola Gravina
PhD Candidates Damiano Ricciarelli, Leonardo Tensi

A.A. 2017/2018

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Course Calendar (XXXI, XXXII e XXXIII cycles)

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