Research area

The research of Green S.O.C. is aimed at the definition of environmentally-friendly and chemically-efficient synthetic methodologies for the formation of carbon-carbon or carbon heteroatom bonds. Organic transformations are investigated to develop a modern and efficient organic synthesis accordingly to Green Chemistry principles.

Main features of our approach are:

- the use of safe recoverable solvent deriving from biomasses to replace classic toxic organic solvents,

- preparation and use of new polymer supported catalytic system

- definition of waste-minimized processes based on the use of recoverable heterogeneous catalysts and continuous-flow reactors

- Application of green metrics to quantify sustainability advance of our procedures

- Continuous-flow protocols for valorization of biomass and design of bio-derived chemicals

Green S.O.C. is also involved in the “fully green approach to energy” and “Benign Solvent Design”.

Our goal is to define environmentally efficient synthetic methodologies for the large-scale preparation of organic materials to really contribute to the development of organic photovoltaics as a renewable energy source and to ace innovative safe solvents.