The group of Integrated Physiology and Preclinic took its first steps in October 2015 with the SIR funded project “Novel nanoparticles-based approach to brain cancer therapy”. The group consists of six units that interact synergistically with the aim of research, teaching, third mission and service to companies. The related laboratories are equipped with instruments that have been purchased starting from 2015, in relation to the funded projects, while some are on loan for free use, made available by companies with which the group collaborates through third mission and service activities. The personnel belonging to the group consists of Associate Professor Bernard Fioretti, three post-doc researchers, five PhD students and a variable number of graduate and undergraduate students from the master’s degree courses in biology and biotechnology, Food Economy and Culture (ECOCAL) and Agricultural Food Science and Technology (STAGAL).

Research areas

The areas of interest are the study of ion channels through the patch-clamp technique and functional imaging on the themes of fertility, anti-tumor therapy study and nanomedicine, and for the development of nutraceutical products.

Unit of Electrophysiology. The electrophysiology unit aims to study the electrical activity of ion channels and how they are influenced by interaction with external agents such as molecules and nanoparticles.

Unit of Functional Imaging. The functional imaging unit aims to study the electrical activity of cells using calcium indicators through microscopy techniques.

Unit of Cellular and Molecular Biology. The cellular and molecular biology unit deals with the culture and preparation of cells to be used for electrophysiology and functional imaging studies. It also deals with proteomics and metabolomics as support activities for the interpretation of results obtained from electrophysiology and functional imaging units.

Unit of Nanocompounds. The nanocompounds unit deals with the synthesis of organic molecules and nanoparticles and their conjugation with organic molecules of biomedical interest.

Unit of Food Analytical Chemistry. The analytical chemistry unit performs analysis of nutraceutics and provides support activities to the group research lines, using chromatography techniques, mass spectrometry and UV-Vis spectrophotometry.

Unit of Molecular Dynamics and modeling. The molecular dynamics and modeling unit deals with the development of models for the analysis and processing of data produced by other units. It also deals with the study of chemical properties related to the systems studied by electrophysiology and functional imaging units through classical, quantum-chemical and molecular dynamics techniques.


Prof. Bernard Fioretti, Associate Professor

Dr. Federico Palazzetti, Senior Scientist

Dr. Francesco Ragonese, Post-Doc

Dr. Paola Sabbatini, Post-Doc

Dr. Andrea Biagini, PhD Student

Dr. Concetta Caglioti, PhD Student

Dr. Elko Gliozheni, PhD Student

Dr. Paola Quellari, PhD Student

Dr. Luana Sallicandro, PhD Student

Funded Projects

2023 - “Valorizzazione del potenziale terapeutico del resveratrolo nella medicina personalizzata mediante combinazione con altri principi attivi in formulazioni innovative – VAPORE”. Funded by Ministero per le Imprese e il Made in Italy (MIMIT). (Local coordinator: Bernard Fioretti)

2023 – “Ruolo della eccitabilità sensoriale ovarica nella fisiopatologia della follicologenesi - The Nova Study” Supported by Ministero per l’Università e la ricerca (MUR) by PRIN 2022 program (202294JF88). (Principal investigator: Bernard Fioretti)

2021-2022 “Studio del rapporto struttura-funzione della proteina E di SARS-CoV-2 per lo sviluppo di agenti terapeutici nel trattamento del Covid-19” Supported by Ministero per l’Università e la ricerca (MUR) by PRIN 2020 program (FISR2020IP_03461). (Principal investigator: Bernard Fioretti)

2021- “Studio dell’impatto delle radiazioni nelle missioni spaziali e del potenziale terapeutico del resveratrolo sulla fisiologia della riproduzione femminile” Supported by Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI). Eligible for funding, pending ranking list update. (Principal investigator: Bernard fioretti).

2019 – “Accordo quadro con S&R Farmaceutici S.p.A.” (Third mission activity).

2018-2022 “Exploring novel approaches to NOTCH1 targeting as therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia” Supported by AIRC (External collaborator).

2015-2019 “Novel nanoparticles-based approach to brain cancer therapy” Supported by Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (MIUR) SIR, Scientific Independence of young Researchers, 2014 (RBSI144EUA) Principal Investigator: Bernard Fioretti.

2015-2019 “Origin of Chiral Discrimination” Supported by Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Univeristà e della Ricerca (MIUR) SIR, Scientific Independence of young Researchers, 2014 (RBSI14U3VF) Principal Investigator: Federico Palazzetti.

 Recent Publications

1. Adamo, F.M.; Silva Barcelos, E.C.; De Falco, F.; Dorillo, E.; Rompietti, C.; Sorcini, D.; Stella, A.; Del Papa, B.; Baldoni, S.; Esposito, A.; Geraci, C.; Arcaleni, R.; Pennetta, C.; Ragonese, F.; Moretti, L.; Mameli, M.; Di Ianni, M.; Rosati, E.; Fioretti, B. and Sportoletti, P.
Therapeutic Targeting Potential of Novel Silver Nanoparticles Coated with Anti-CD20 Antibody against Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Cancers (2023) 15 3618.
DOI: 10.3390/cancers15143618

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