Doctoral studies in Chemical Sciences

Cooordinator: Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia

Tel.: +39.075.585.5514



The Doctorate course in Chemical Sciences, strong of a Teaching Committee and research laboratories of international prestige, trains Ph.D.s with skills of recognized excellence. The Ph.D. students carry out their research work in these laboratories, with possibilities of attending specialist schools, spending study and research periods abroad in internationally renowned laboratories, and participating at national and international conferences.

Facilities of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies (DCBB) allow to train 12-16 Ph.D.s for each cycle. The teaching committee of the XXXIII cycle is composed of 25 members, afferent for the most part to the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies, but also to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and to CNR-ISTM (Italian National Research Council - Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technologies).

Notably, the DCBB has ranked 156th in the list of the Italian Departments admitted to the 2017 selection by MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) of the 180 Departments of Excellence, and 1stamong the departments of the University of Perugia. In particular, the CUN “Chemical Area – 03” of the DCBB has ranked 1stat national level in the recent VQR (Evaluation of the Quality of the Research) exercise by ANVUR (National Agency of Evaluation of University and Research).

The Doctorate in Chemical Science lasts three years and comprises three Curricula:

1) Spectroscopy, Chemical Kinetics and Molecular Dynamics.

2) Methods and Materials for Catalysis, Energy, Environment and Cultural Heritage.

3) Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling.

The 1st Curriculum focuses on the molecular dynamics of elementary processes (reactive and non-reactive), dynamical properties of liquid systems, photophysics, photochemistry, and spectroscopy.

The 2nd Curriculum focuses on advanced synthesis in organic chemistry,  green chemistry, eco-sustainable synthetic methodologies, inorganic molecular catalysis, material modeling for solar cells, environmental analysis and modeling, materials for the preservation of cultural heritage, inorganic-organic hybrid materials for application in catalysis, polymeric nano-composites.

The 3rd Curriculum focuses on theoretical chemistry, computational technologies, and molecular modeling including Lipidomics, Metabolomics, Quantitative Structure Property Prediction, Pharmaco-kinetics properties and Toxicity prediction.

A theoretical and practical learning progression is envisaged during the 3-years course which includes courses for 30 CFUs, seminars and research periods abroad.

The Doctorate in Chemical Sciences is a Doctorate with international characterization. Currently, agreements are in place with (a) the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) (Italian referent: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro; Isaeli referent: Prof. Dmitri Gelman, Director of the Institute of Chemistry); (b) the Georg-August University of Goettingen (Germany) (Italian referent: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro; German referent: Prof. Dr. Lutz Ackermann, Director of the “Institut fuer Organische und Biomolekulare Chemie”. Both agreements envision the possibility of obtaining a Doctoral degree in “co-tutela”.

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