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oriana  Prof. Oriana Piermatti Associate Professor     Solid inorganic/Organic Catalysts


assunta  Prof. Assunta Marrocchi , Associate Professor      Synthesis for Organic Cells    


Dr, Stefano SantoroResearch Associate C-H Activation and computational methods.





Luca Bianchi, PhD (Research fellow)   Solid Organic Catalysts/Safer reaction media


Hamed Mahmoudi (PhD Student) Heterogeneous catalysis for Cross-Couplings


Vadym Kozell  (PhD Student) Solid Organic Catalysts and Flow


francesco ferlinFrancesco Ferlin , PhD student Heterogenous Catalysis for C-H Functionalization 


valeria trombettoniValeria Trombettoni, PhD Student Heterogenous Catalysis for biomass valorization for 



Federica Valentini, PhD student Solid supported metal catalysis 

Lorenzo Luciani, PhD Student Safer Organic solvent derived from Biomasses 

johnJohn Anastasiou, PhD student Oxidative C-H activation 


Filippo Campana, Post-lauream Scholarship Flow protocols for biomass valorisation


Matteo Cappelletti, Post-Lauream Schiolarship New solvents for small molecules synthesis 

 Tayyebeh Mahdavi, Visiting student from Teheran University, New catalysts for biomass valorisation 

 nicola taurisanoNicola Taurisano (Undergraduate student, Laurea in Chimica), Solid Organic Catalyst for Si-C activation 

alessandro porciello triennaleAlessandro Porciello (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Solid metal Catalysts 

aurora lombi triennaleAurora Lombi (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Novel media for click reaction 

camilla melone triennaleCamilla Melone (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Solid Organic Catalyst for Si-C activation 


daniele sciosci triennaleDaniele Sciosci  (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Novel pincer for metal catalysis 

Beatrice Massaccesi, (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Indole C-H activation 

Tommaso Giannoni, (Undergraduate student, Master degree in Chemical Sciences), Au-solid reductions